What is EMDR
What is EMDR


EMDR therapy is a focused approach for treating trauma and other symptoms. It is done by reconnecting the traumatized person in a safe, controlled way to the thoughts, images, and emotions associated with the trauma, and allowing the natural healing powers of the brain to move toward adaptive resolution.
EMDR is founded on the theory that symptoms occur when negative experiences overwhelm the brain's natural ability to heal. Treatment is done using bi-lateral stimulation while helping a patient work through the negative experience, while in a safe location of a therapist's office.

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We know how you feel, moving from day to day in a fog, being controlled by pain, memories, and the inability to fully let go and move on. We know you've tried. In fact you're probably trying right now as you read this page, but deep down you wish it didn't have to be this hard... Guess what? It doesn't...

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