In 2004, Christian Monson nearly switched his career path from Psychology to Recreation Therapy. The ability of nature and recreation therapy to help people cope, heal and thrive were easy to see and implement. Yet, Christian felt a deep drive to become a Psychologist. Unwilling to let either dream go, Christian incorporated the study of recreation therapies and spirituality therapies into his Doctoral studies and research projects.
After Christian graduated with his Doctoral degree, his competency and success doing psychological evaluations and therapy distracted him (for a decade) from his dream of creating a practice with integrated experiential therapies.
Then Covid hit the nation.
Christian wasn't immune to the heavy burden of burn-out which mental health professionals throughout the nation experienced. He began spending extra time in the mountains, on the ski slopes and on water; as he did, his burdens eased and faded. The more time he spent in nature, the better therapist he became, and the happier he was.
Having experienced such an incredible shift, Christian could not return to doing things as he always had. With the unfailing support and persuasive insistence of his wife, DaNette, Christian gathered a team of competent, qualified professionals and embarked on the journey of healing and enriching the lives of his family, friends, and community.
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