Who Do You Want to Be in 2022?

Because you have the option!  The new year brings us the opportunity to tap into what psychologists call possible selves. This is how we can see our futures and imagine our potential. Getting super clear about our “best possible selves” ultimately boosts our well-being and subjective life satisfaction. Imagine the person you want and it can be a motivating factor to become that person. In this one-hour session, we’ll come to terms with our lost possible selves (the versions that didn’t quite transpire as planned), we’ll tap into the versions that feel most energizing, and then map out actionable steps to shift the idea of who we want to be into reality. We can’t all become ballerinas and basketball stars (those extra-dreamy possible selves), but we can explore and indulge our conceptions of possibility. Let’s make 2022 memorable for getting to know the enhanced versions of ourselves.

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