Unplug, Unwind, Unwrap Masterful Self-Care in a Time When the World Needs Us Most

This may seem like the worst moment to give yourself a break and focus on self-care. The world needs so much of our attention;  suffering, conflict, illness, and disintegration are everywhere. It is true that we often do little good and cause great harm when we don’t find the right balance between care for ourselves and care for others. A shift in mindset that includes a wiser activation for care for our bodies and minds, hearts, and relationships can make us more useful to those who love us, mentor, or inspire. Learn how to let go of the perfectionism, martyrdom, and victimhood that keep us trapped in unhealthful patterns, and examine the benefits of saying yes to what you love… Explore how small shifts in attention and in daily practice can pay large rewards in terms of renewed energy, well-being, and love of life isn’t that where we would all like to be for the transitions ahead?

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