The Metaphor Mirror: Reflecting Our Present and Future Selves with Sense-Metaphor

Even in the best of times, and certainly in this dawning new year, the question “How are you?” can pose a challenge. Metaphoric Affect Processing (MAP) helps us discover new answers. Metaphor is a neural phenomenon. MAP uses this strategically as an introspective sixth sensing that perceives and describes emotions and can transform our feelings right now. MAP was developed and researched in cancer and psychiatric treatment centers as a communication tool to support patients’ well-being and reduce healthcare workers’ burnout. In this interactive introduction, you’ll be guided in the creation of your own “metaphor mirrors.” Through a fanciful Q&A, these naturally poetic self-reports will emerge gently, intuitively, and automatically – no writerly talents required. You’ll activate your intuition, suspend analysis, generate perspective, and stimulate deep, empathic listening – to yourself and others.

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