Positive findings with dasotraline for ADHD in children ages 6-12 — ScienceDaily

A new study comparing dasotraline to placebo in ADHD treatment showed significant improvement in ADHD treatment in children 6-12 years old. This was evident from the beginning of the study and continuing through the entire study. The publication includes a detailed description of the trial design as well as the results. Journal of Child and Adolescent Pharmacology.

Robert Goldman, PhD, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals (Marlborough, MA and Fort Lee, NJ), and colleagues from Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), New York University Langone Medical Center (New York, NY), and Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) coauthored the article entitled “Dasotraline in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Six-Week, Placebo-Controlled, Fixed-Dose Trial.”

Researchers conducted a 6-week trial in which ADHD children received a daily dose of dasotraline (4mg or 2mg) or placebo. The primary endpoint for determining efficacy was a ADHD rating scale, which measured change from baseline. Significant efficacy improvements were seen with only 4g of dasotraline daily. Dasotraline also showed significant improvements in secondary efficacy measures, such as hyperactivity and attention. The safety of dasotraline treatment as well as subgroup analysis were performed in the study to examine differences in safety and efficacy among subgroups like age, gender, and other treatments for ADHD.

ADHD affects more than four million children. For this patient group, it is important to investigate safe and effective treatments with fewer side effects,” says Harold S. Koplewicz MD Editor-in-Chief. Journal of Child and Adolescent PsychopharmacologyPresident of the Child Mind Institute in New York.

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