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We’ll keep our story short and sweet, with just enough spice to help you get to know us better. At the end of the covid pandemic, we saw the need for a shift in mental health. A shift that would make therapy more meaningful and beneficial for clients and providers alike. You see, decades and decades of research and science have produced evidence that incorporating a client’s hobbies, passions, and beliefs into therapy enhances treatment and speeds up the recovery process; yet the pattern of “therapy” had already been established to mean simply ‘talk therapy.’

Experience Mental Wellness was founded as a safe place where counselors, therapists and psychologists could create treatment plans unique for each individual so they could truly EXPERIENCE mental wellness. A place where a client’s passions, hobbies and beliefs can be used as stepping stones to enhance and enrich wellness.

In order to do this, we regularly meet with our team to train, educate, and practice interactive treatment methods; thus keeping all modalities scientifically founded and yielding the best results possible. At the same time, we recognize that some clients prefer traditional talk therapy. We consider a client’s preferences and create a treatment plan specifically for each client.

In essence, our company, Experience Mental Wellness, was created for you, our clients, because we know how it feels to seek out healing and hope that you’re making the right choice in where you place your trust.

Christian and DaNette

Founders of Experience Mental Wellness

It’s Okay if it’s not okay. Healing is a process, one that may take years, maybe a lifetime, to achieve. Don’t allow others to push you or hurry your process along.

Mission Statement

At Experience Mental Wellness...

Our mission is to help our clients and clinicians thrive through meaningful therapeutic experiences. Our therapy techniques and treatment modalities are founded upon well-researched, scientifically sound principles.

We are dedicated to utilizing the many benefits of Nature therapy, Virtual Reality Therapy, and Experiential therapies.

We believe integrating client passions and beliefs into treatment plans enriches healing capabilities and facilitates life-long coping skills.

We choose to focus on the individual needs of our clients in a manner that is not limited by the one-size-fits-all approach, which often results from the acceptance of insurances.


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