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“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” 

—Albert Einstein


Signs can help you regain faith that you once thought you had lost.

The Universe is always speaking to you, even though you may not be aware of it. You may not hear the voice because rather than a shout, it’s more like a tap on your shoulder. A subtle sign that’s not so subtle when you start paying attention.

And like the law of attraction, the more you’re open to the signs, the more the signs will appear.

Spirit speaks to all of us at all times. We don’t always recognize the messages because they can come in forms we may not have experience with.

People who are skilled at spotting signs are also adept at manifesting through law of attraction. 

I love how Wayne Dyer talked about people who can manifest their dreams and how they feel about signs or coincidences. In his book The Power of Intention, they’re called “connectors.”

“Connectors aren’t surprised when synchronicity or coincidence brings them the fruits of their intention. They know deep down that the seemingly miraculous events they see happen were brought about by their connection to them. Ask connectors about it and they will tell you, ‘Of course, it’s the law of attraction at work.’”

If you’re a connector, you don’t argue with those who don’t believe in the law of attraction, in signs or synchronicities. You won’t waste your time caring what anyone thinks (“What anyone thinks of me is none of my business”), as it will take away your connection to God and Spirit. You’re not here to convince anyone. 

You’re here to enjoy what’s intended for you.

You can simply be you and increase the energy in the world by being yourself

It’s kind of the chicken-or-the egg story. The more you are aware of signs, and the more signs and coincidences you see, the more you will be able to recognize them. They will appear more often if you believe in higher power and have faith. The more faith you have, the more signs will appear. Think of an infinite symbol: One leads into another and back again.

How can you spot the signs? The first step is to be aware.

A big sign for me came when I first started Camp Atta Girl! Although it was in my heart to do so, I was unsure. I was I trying to do something too difficult for me? I did a lot more soul searching about whether or not to hold it. 

I drove around looking for events places one Sunday. That was my ideal location for Camp Atta Girl! I was likely going to be too costly. (I didn’t follow the law of attraction on this one!) It was a first-time event, and I really didn’t have any money to put it on.

Camp Lucy was my stop. It was a beautiful retreat centre with the perfect atmosphere for Camp Atta Girl. 

After driving around the center, my car stopped at the front desk. It was Sunday and I assumed that no one would be there. I planned to pick-up a brochure and return on Monday. Surprise, I was approached by a woman at reception who offered to help me. I explained to her what I wanted to do and that I was unsure if this place was affordable for me. But that I would love the opportunity to speak with the event manager on Monday.

The woman smiled and explained that she was there to retrieve some files she needed, and that she was the events manager. She welcomed me into her office, and she listened to my ideas. She said they’re usually booked solid for weddings, but the weekend I was looking for was open. She offered to rent the location for $500.

You’re probably familiar with renting event space. I cried right there in front of her. 

This was to me a sign from Spirit. Any doubts about whether I should create this women’s retreat were erased—well, most of the doubts.

Not all signs are obvious. The signs become more obvious when you pay attention to them.

Signs are not all the same. There are many signs to be aware.

1. Coincidences

Look for things that seem to be a coincidence: receiving a call from someone you were thinking about, someone giving you a book about a topic that specifically addresses what you’re struggling with, someone giving you a great deal on an event center on the exact day you want to hold your retreat (wink). When these things happen, you’re receiving divine guidance that the direction you’re headed is the right direction. It’s called synchronicity by some. I call them “holy sh*t” or “wow” moments. 


2. It’s Too Hard

It is possible to take a sign if something is too difficult. I’m not saying never attempt something challenging. But if you want to do something, and it seems like things are getting in the way or everything connected to it seems to be a struggle, if it’s “too hard,” that may be a sign to step back, look at what you want to do, breathe and rest for a while. You may need to change your approach if you encounter problems, delays or roadblocks. Investigate what is causing the problem. Ask for additional signs to see what you find.


3. How You’re Feeling

Depression and lack of passion may be a sign that you’re not living the life the Universe meant for you. Being full of energy, on the other hand, can indicate that you are a positive person. Take note of how you feel when you are with certain people, certain situations, or certain activities. 


4. Take note of the Energy

You can feel the energy in a building or room if you practice. You may have felt tension when you walked into a room full of people or a conference hall. The energy can signal that something isn’t right. If you’re applying for a new job, notice how walking into the building feels to you. A heaviness indicates the energy of the company isn’t right for you. A happy company could be one where you can grow and thrive. I’ve taken jobs and realized after a month that I should have “listened” to the energy during the interviews. 


6. Don’t Overcomplicate

Signs should be simple. If you receive a sign to do something, don’t waste time trying to figure out the “why” of the sign. Trust it, don’t overanalyze it.  

I’ll end this chapter with one of my biggest signs. I was struggling 11 years ago. I don’t remember what I was going through at the time, but it was a biggie. (Aren’t they all biggies?) I was near Sedona, Arizona, at the time and driving through Oak Creek Canyon—one of the prettiest areas on earth to me. (It’s also the perfect place for a forest bath.) 

I can still remember driving in tears and asking for a sign that all would be well. I didn’t just ask in my mind, I said it out loud and very angrily (sometimes you need to shout to get the Universe’s attention). Less than 30 seconds following my plea, right in front of me appeared this tree—a beautiful Ponderosa pine—that seemed to be all “alone” among all the other trees. (Kind of how I feel at times: I’m a lone tree among all the other saplings.)

The sun seemed only to shine on this one tree.

I stopped my car and sat in awe by the tree. It gave me strength. It gave me courage. It made me feel safe. It was a sign sent to me immediately after I called for help. 

Almost every year since, I’ve traveled back to Sedona for one purpose: to visit my tree. I often leave a note under the leaves and put it in a waterproof bag. When I return one year later, I look at the note to see how my lives have changed.

That tree is my strength, and I carry that “sign” with me everywhere I go.

You are waiting for a sign to appear. When you feel with all your heart that a sign has been given to you, don’t take that lightly. Signs are Spirit’s way of tapping on your shoulder and telling you to listen or pay attention to something regarding the challenges you face or the dreams you have. If someone taps your shoulder, you should turn around and acknowledge them. You should also acknowledge Spirit, your signs, and the other person tapping you on the shoulder.

I felt like the Universe was tapping me on my shoulder when I came across my tree. It was telling me that everything was going well.

Pay attention to Spirit’s taps. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll cause you to slow down and find Your tree.

This post is excepted from Lisa Bailey Sullivan’s book Atta Girl!—The Art of Tapping into Your Power and Moxie and Living Fearlessly Happy (in the middle of a sh*tshow).

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