Languishing to Flourishing in 2022

Does the word “languishing” resonate with you? Adam Grant, Wharton professor, defines languishing in this way: It is a state that one is not completely depressed but does not move into a zone of flourishing. We feel overwhelmed and lack the ability to cope, and can even experience burnout when we are languishing. Negative emotions abound, and life is not lived in “full color,” but more in a “grey scale” fashion. We are unable to find the motivation, energy, and resources to help ourself. When asked how we are doing, we may describe ourselves as feeling merely “meh.”  All of us possess the potential to languish as we find ourselves in challenging situations, such as we have during this historic pandemic. Research shows that resilience is not about the circumstances in which we find yourself, but about how we react to them. Choose to respond to these challenges.

Sandy Campbell will lead us in examining how we might have fallen into a stagnant state as individuals and collectively over these past two years. As we discover our unique strengths, values, and talents, we will then work together to transform languishing into flourishing. We will be able to bring more joy, meaning, and flow into our lives by relying on these insights. We will be able to thrive in 2022 by creating a clear plan and prioritizing self-care and true purpose.

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