In Case You Missed It: Our 2021 Positivity Hours

We give our deepest appreciation to all the speakers featured on the Positivity Hour during 2021. We know that positive emotions buffer resilient people, increase coping skills, and fuel our ability to thrive. Each of your singular voices has been an active ingredient in making the series such a success. 

We thank you from the bottom our hearts. You made a difference. 

Please enjoy viewing—or revisiting!—our 2021 webinars.



Navigating the New Year with Creative Approaches, with Jude Treder-Wolff

The Healing Power of Connection, with Phoebe Atkinson  

Embodied Joy 2021, Megha Nancy Buttenheim 

What do we do from here? Chaos or Community? with Uneeda Brewer and Stephen Redmond

Part 1

Part 2

Conversations worth having, with Sue Baldwin

Equity in Practice, Gwendolyn VandSant

Self-Compassion for Parents and Caregivers, with Dianna Collier



Wisdom from ‘Groundhog Day’ and VIA Character Strengths, with Jane Anderson  

Positivity and the Heart, with Caroline Kohles and Megha Nancy Buttenheim

Suzette Shahmoon teaches you how to control your inner critic

Expanding Our Capacity for Love, with Borianna Zaheva 

Dr. Sherry Kelly explains how to use the power of positive psychology in everyday life  

Part 1

Part 2

Inducing Vitality Strategies from the field of Positive Psychology, with Dr. Lorraine Gahles-Kildow  

Megan McDonough – Strengthening Your Connectedself



Customize Your Happiness Practices for Greater Joy, with Caroline Kohles

The Courage to Try a Springboard for Transformation, with Whitney Chapman

Compassion inside and out: Megha Nancy Buttenheim  

Clara Mastronardi, Riding the Wave Called Life – Positive Psychology and Building Resilience  

Dr. Lianov discusses the powerful reinforcing link between positive psychology and health  

A 1-Year Milestone: What’s changed in you? Megan McDonough with Caroline Kohles and Phoebe Atkinson  

The Healing Power of Hope: Bridging Science and Practice, Dan Tomasulo



The Power and Joy of Self-Regulation, with Caroline Kohles and Winnalee Zeeb  

Barbara Fredrickson interviews you about how to improve your mental health 

Positive Transformation: From the Personal and Professional with Henrique Bueno

The 7 Attributes for the Strengths-Based Practitioner Ruth Pearce  

Dr. Nancy Kirsner: Holding the Tension between Opposites: Connectivity and Loneliness in the Pandemic

Sandy Campbell: Hope and Your Health   

InSPIREd Earth Day Celebration Megha Nancy Andtenheim    

GROUND in your Mindfulness and Positive Psychology Practices with Susanne LURGER

Your Foot is Your Root: Positive Psychology and the Necessity to Walk with Mikael Kamber



The SHAPES of Loving Movement: Six Ways to Embody Positive Energy and Spark Joy, with Dr. Elaine O’Brien   

The Return to ‘Normal’: Investing in a Grounded Optimism, with Dr. Maria Sirois  

Busting Through Burnout: Part 1 of the Marathon of COVID with Gary Redfeather and Dr. Sherry Kelly 

Denise Reibman discusses the Double Mask of Career Shame: Overworked, and Underhappy

Sanj Katyal MD: Stop Chasing Happiness

The Play’s the Thing: Using Play to Improve Your Mental Health, with Nick Gissal

With Dr. Margarita Tarragona: Making Meaning Through Stories: How Conversation and Writing Can Help Us Live More Meaningful Lives



 A Practical Guide to Strengths-Based Forgiveness, with Nancy Polsky

Jodi Welman: The Gift of Mortality – Re-enter Your Post-Pandemic World 

Tony Zipple: Benefit Finding: A Path Forward in Difficult Times

Living Sunny Side Up: Positive Psychology Practices for Thrive in Life with Kelye Rouse brown      

The Marathon of COVID Part 2: How to Get Through Burnout with Gary Redfeather and Dr. Sherry Kelly

Creating BLISS with Caroline Kohles, Winalee Zeeb   

Megha Nancy Buttenheim – Summer with Relaxing Positivity

Learning from the Pandemic Through Positive Psychology, Phoebe Atkinson, and Caroline Kohles  

Stop Pushing the River: The Practice Of Trusting the Flow for Self, Community and Planet Well-Being with Edi Pasalis   



Designing an InSPIRED summer with Phoebe Atkinson & Caroline Kohles  

Positive Religion: Hope and Gratitude through a Jewish Lens with Rabbi Debra Orenstein

Caroline Kohles Activate the Hope Circuitry to Manage Fear and Anxiety with NIA

Stephanie Jalinos: The Power of Choice: Intentions, Attentions, and Actions  

Michele Ruskino, Go Forth singing: Positive Psychology Meets Social Activism

SOARING into Strength with Lisa Buksbaum

The Hero’s Journey and Its Application to Everyday Life, with Sergio Hernandez   



Next Step: Realizing The Hidden Opportunity in Transitions, Megan McDonough and Maria Sirois  

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Inspire Your Ideal: A Practice To Create Your Ideal Self And Inspire Others On Your Journey Sue Knight Deutsch 

Exercise and Positive Psychology: A Link Between Caroline Kohles   

As We Emerge: Positive Potential of Incidental Connectivity, with Sharen Baroza

Improv for Well-Being In Uncertain Times, with Jude Treder-Wolff

Destination Resilience: The Value of Persistence Through Life’s Storms, with Christine E. Agaibi, PhD

Zen and Invention: Positive Psychology, Creative Happiness and Zen: Ali Lanzetta

Understanding and Cultivating Awe—for the High Holidays and Every Day, with Rabbi Debra Orenstein



Compassionate Spiritual Accounting: Preparing for the Days of Awe, with Amanda Davidowitz

Fresh Starts in the Pandemic: Embracing the Paradox of Struggle and Ease, with Jen Groves

You Deserve the Space You Take Up in This World: Moving Beyond Inferiority through Self-Compassion, with Erin Crosby   

Donna Miller, Unshakable Happiness



Self-Hypnosis to Eliminate or Control Pain with Caroline Kohles and Winnalee Zeeb

 Who Am I—Really? With Hanna Perlberger 

Making Positive Psychology Work for You In Everyday Life, with Dr. Sherry Kelly 

Positive Psychology: Remembering the BODY! with Megha Nancy Buttenheim 

Survivorship to Thrivorship – How the Portals of Growth Can Take Us There – Kathy Washburn  

Grit & Grace: A Roadmap for Finding the Strength to Flourish Through Adversity, with Kara Coleman 

Why We Do What we Do: Understanding self-motivation Ozge Kantas

With Uneeda Brewer, 3 Positive Psychology Tools for Social Activists to Sustain Their Inner Being



A Narrative Writing and Imagery Project for Healing and Growth, with Anne Gustin

Lost and Found: A Compass for Your Heroine’s/Hero’s Journey, with Alice Dommert  

Lena Lissitskaya shares foundational positive psychology practices to incorporate into every day life  

Positive Psychology and the Art of Leadership with Paul Papierski   

Cairns for Resilience…Creating Yours in Times of Uncertainty, with Nancy Fliss  

The 360 Degree Project: A Photographic Journey Interpreted Through the Lens of VIA Strengths and Awe, with Mary Halpin  (no recording) 

Yaroslav Aristeiguieta: Boosting your Gratitude Superpower 

Human Connection is More Important Than Ever, Katherine Libonate



Positive Psychology and Caregiver Assistance with Joanne Travers   

Keep Growing in Challenging Times, with Camila Valcarengh  

Dr. Sherri Kelly shares positive psychology to manage holiday stress 

Amanda Davidowitz – Shine Your Light! Eight Ways to Boost Resilience This Holiday Season   

7 Steps to Having a Playful Heart in 2022—at Home, at Work, in Life! with Lisa Sullivan 

Gratitude in All Time, Nancy Kirsner, Rabbi Debra Oderenstein, and Natalie Hoerner

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