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Walking down my road yesterday was an amazing spiritual experience. Every shade of the changing leaves caught my eye, drawing me in with its variety, diversity and brilliance. It is almost as if the earth is singing in a variety of colors, which can be heard by wide-open ears. It is a wonderful experience to escape the small screen and live a full, panoramic, vivid existence.

This vibrant life reveals the truth about the changing seasons. Seeds are planted, then leaves grow, then burst into color and then die. 

This month, with the changing of the seasons, I am sad to announce the passing of an alumnus. Josephine Aquan-Assee was much loved by our community … and by me. I vividly remember the last conversation we had, shortly after her terminal diagnosis. She spoke of how she could see beauty beyond her window. She was like that—always seeing the beautiful things in the people, places, and things around her. 

Jo would be the first to sign up for a course when it opened. Her unwavering passion for learning was inspiring and heartwarming. Jo was an example of leadership in her way of living her life. She inspired everyone she met with her warmheartedness and openness to do the same. She was her amazing self and spread goodness. I miss her and hope that all those who love her, especially her loved ones, feel her amazing, loving presence.

Jo was supposed be there at the Wholebeing Weekend. It was our first in-person immersion since before the pandemic. She asked me to donate her tuition money when we last spoke. In honor of Jo’s legacy, we gifted the Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology to a student in need. 

May you live your day with an open mind to all that is around you. Let us all learn from Jo and make the world a better, happier place.

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