A Joy Meditation for the Holidays

This holiday season, like last year’s, may look different for many of us. And for a lot of us, the last nearly two years have been filled with too much uncertainty, loss, anxiety, and loneliness.

What I have found is that by focusing on what I do have, and the light that is deep within my soul, I’ve been able to make it through even the toughest days with more peace and acceptance. I believe that by cultivating joy and gratitude within ourselves, while outwardly expressing generosity and kindness toward others, we can generate more hope for our future and each other. And we can open ourselves up for joy in even the most uncertain of times. 

This song keeps ringing in my ears …

Joy to the whole world! Joy to all! All the girls and boys now. Joy to the fishes out in the deep blue. Joy to you both.

Let this be our prayer …

We pray for peace. May there be peace within our minds. We wish peace to our words. We wish for peace in the world. 


The JOY Meditation

  • Place your spine straighteningly in a comfortable position and then place your hands over the heart.
  • Breathe in and through your nose.
  • Relax your jaw and soften your eyes. Create a smile on your face.
  • Breathe in gratitude. Instead of listing all the things you love, embrace a feeling of gratitude. As you appreciate the good in your life, let your heart expand.
  • After a few moments of gratitude and appreciation for your efforts, you can then relax by laying your hands on your lap.
  • Next, keep your attention on the joy in your life. If your mind wanders, you can simply redirect it back towards your breath and the joy inside of you.
  • Allow your feelings of joy and gratitude to expand throughout your body.
  • Keep your eyes open and smile slightly.
  • Imagine your whole body smiling.


Happy Holidays!


This post is adapted from Joy’s blog at joystonecoaching.com. 

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